I'm nuzzling up to truth.

I'm nuzzling up to truth.
And showing the spit on my face.

How am I building awareness?

I am trying to help building awareness of childhood sexual assault, the ugly truth needs to be looked at and solved.

Here is what I am doing,

I am trying to cover new areas every week in my blog.
I have joined writer groups. SheWrites
I have joined Brave Heart Women for social networking.
I have contacted several online and radio to provide interviews.
I am working on what is called a media kit.
I have put out a note on the rape support sites. I have been doing my work, many are following my blog and giving me feedback. I am refining my approach.

I have gotten my father to support and understand what I am doing, and i plan to do an interview with him also to post.

I have provided my email for people to contact me directly. It has been wonderful. Women have broken their silence for the first time. And I have been able to help in a way I could not before.

I am beginning to schedule interviews:

June 1st at 10am interview with Lori Finnila
Host of Women Empowerment Hour at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lorifinnila
A few of my posts will appear in Lori Finnila's magazine
Women Empowerment Magazine

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